A couple named “Mary and Phillip” were referred for Parent Coordination support during their high conflict divorce to help improve communication toward decisions related to parental access issues.  Mary was determined to maintain full custody with only minimal visitations for Phillip.  Phillip was spending thousands of dollars fighting to gain more access time.  During the PC sessions, Dr. Shinar would focus on psychoeducation to help both parties understand what the impact of their court battle in the divorce has on the emotional and financial wellbeing of their children.  After 10 sessions, Mary agreed to every other weekend and one midweek dinner with the children.  Phillip agreed to stop fighting for unrealistic access time expectations and accept the new schedule for the time being.

A couple named “Denise and Jason” were referred for Parent Coordination after the court appointed Attorney for the Children (AFC) noticed that both parents were using the children as pawns in their divorce dispute.  Sessions focused mainly on teaching both parents how to protect their children from the chaos of the adult world of divorce conflict.  It was clear that both parents were causing their children to feel distressed and suffer from the damage incurred from a split loyalty configuration, when an individual is required to show loyalty to one deserving relationship at the cost of betraying or being disloyal to another deserving relationship.  Denise and Jason were taught how to behave in such a way that does not cause their children to have to “pick sides” and feel the pressure of trusting one parent over another.

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