• I have recurrent, intrusive thoughts, images, or preoccupations that cause me distress
  • I feel compelled to perform repetitive behaviors such as touching, blinking, counting, cleaning, ritualistic prayer, arranging, checking or avoiding to give me relief from my fears.
  • My behaviors interfere with my quality of life or my ability to function.

Does this sound like you?  People who report these symptoms may be struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and can benefit from Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

Dr. Shinar offers a type of CBT known as exposure therapy and response prevention (ERP), which encourages you to systematically face your fears or discomforts, and supports you in reducing your compulsive behaviors.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is quite effective in reducing and sometimes eliminating symptoms of OCD. Dr. Shinar has expertise in the use a specific type of CBT called Exposure Therapy and Response Prevention (ERP).   Dr. Shinar will systematically introduce specific anxiety-producing stimuli and help you habituate to the stressor. Examples include a touchable exposure (i.e. holding an purportedly contaminated doorknob or toilet handle) or an imaginal exposure (i.e. inviting troubling thoughts into your awareness). Response prevention is a technique in which the person is prevented from performing any follow up compulsions.  Anxiety is expected to intensify during the first part of ERP and then ultimately decrease with fewer worries and rituals.

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