1. Does it feel like you have a low grade depression or sadness combined with constant worry?
  2. Do you think that worry is just “part of my personality?”
  3. Do you feel perpetually worried, sad, on edge?
  4. Do you turn to drugs or alcohol to soothe your worry?
  5. Do you feel that your generalized anxiety keeps worsening and interfering with school, work or personal relationships?

GAD it is often a mix of biology and life triggers that stimulate ones nervous system, causing unbalanced responses to perceived dangers. Through the use of cognitive behavioral (CBT) techniques and a supportive, empathic environment, Dr. Shinar can help you identify and ultimately modify all those anxiety triggers. He will teach you how to reframe your anxieties so they will lead to less destructive thoughts in your head and less emotional responses to them. Behavioral interventions and relaxation techniques target your physical health which likely has been affected by the chronic anxiety, including dealing with disruptions in sleep, appetite and muscle-related tensions.

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