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About Dr. Ori

Dr. Ori Shinar is a New York State licensed clinical psychologist who has extensive training in treating anxiety disorders (i.e. social anxiety, panic and obsessive compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety, specific phobias), mood and impulse control disorders which include trichotillomania, (the urge to pull body hair) skin picking, and nail biting. He works with individuals who also suffer from work productivity challenges including the effects of ADHD (ADD), procrastination, and stress/time management issues. Dr. Shinar offers over 20 years of specialty in cognitive behavior therapy, a time-limited, structured approach to assist people in better managing thoughts, behaviors and emotions that contribute to the issues affecting their life goals and successes.

Dr. Shinar’s practice also focuses on Parenting, Divorce, and Family Transitions. With specialized training in parent management training (PMT), Dr. Shinar helps educate and coach parents to change their child's problem behaviors using principles of learning theory and behavior modification. He provides Divorce Counseling to support individuals as they begin to create a new life for themselves. Pre and Post-divorce therapy helps you work through the emotional and practical difficulties that often come with going through a divorce.

During divorce, Dr. Shinar also serves as a Parent Coordinator for clients in the State of New York, acting as a neutral third party in the children’s best interest attempting to reach a fair compromise of the issues at hand. After the divorcing parents meet directly with their parent coordinator to outline the issues they have and their proposed resolution, Dr. Shinar will work with both parties to try to reach an agreement and advise the court.

Dr. Ori Shinar


Located in the heart of New York City

144 East 44th Street
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New York, NY 10017
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9am - 9pm

Hair Pulling, Skin Picking, & Nail Biting

Dr. Ori has been treating hair pulling and skin picking patients for over twenty years with a ground breaking success rate that teaches patients adaptive tools to eliminate their unwanted behaviors.

Specific Phobias

An individualized, step by step approach to reduce the intensity and frequency of phobia symptoms within weeks, not years.

Adult Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

CBT techniques to help regain a productive work and social life balance.

Parent Management Training (PMT)

Educating and coaching parents to change their child's problem behaviors using principles of learning theory and behavior modification.

Pre and Post-Divorce Therapy for Men and Women

Helping men and women work through the emotional and practical challenges of divorce.

New York State Parent Coordinator

Serving divorcing parties well by assisting them in trying to resolve their issues.

Doctor Ori On National T.V.

What is CBT?

Dr. Shinar has been a guest on the Dr. Oz show.
Dr. Shinar has been a guest on the Dr. Oz show.

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